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  • Charlene

    Charlene is a firm flesh variety (Charlotte Type), producing numerous small tubers with very nice presentation. It is very tasty and keeps very well. It has good tolerance to leaf blight, is ...

    charlene triskalia seed potatoes


  • El Beïda

    El Beida (the White in Arabic), produces oblong short and very regular tubers. It has a very nice skin with very shallow eyes. Early variety, It has shown very good adptability to all European, ...

    plant de pomme de terre el beida


  • Charmeuse

    Charmeuse, a cousin of Charlene. Producing numerous tubers, with a yellow pale flesh. It has a very nice presentation, and very long keeping quality, keeping its nice presentation during ...

    charmeuse triskalia seed potatoes


  • Europa

    Europa is an early and productive variety, adapted to early areas of Europe. It produces a high proportion of big tubers with nice presentation. It is hardy and preserves very well.

    europa triskalia seed potatoes


  • Mandola

    Mandola is a medium early potato variety. It has shown to be adapted to hot climates and gave very good results in our trials. The variety sprouts very quickly when dormancy is broken, and produces ...

    mandola triskalia seed potatoes


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Exclusives Triskalia

Triskalia multiplies a wide range of exclusive protected varieties.